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Code Compliance & Regulatory Support

Energy infrastructure can be complicated in its siting, design, construction, and operation while endeavoring to comply with everchanging code requirements and interpretations. 


Our siting expertise is focused on helping clients qualify the proposed location for their infrastructure from a regulatory perspective.  This is the keystone for determining whether to commit additional resources in project development.  


We understand the applicable codes with which energy infrastructure design, construction and operations must comply.  Our knowledge in this area can provide valuable input to conceptual design efforts and ongoing project development with a focus on risk mitigation


Code compliance is a highly technical field, and it requires a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to navigate. Hiring a consultant with experience in this area can ensure that your proposed greenfield facility or upgrade is in compliance with applicable regulations and standards.


Assessing compliance with energy infrastructure codes and regulations can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring a significant amount of resources. We can help streamline this process, to optimize schedule, budget and quality.


A key method to mitigate risk is to proactively address compliance and regulatory issues. By hiring Fontaine & Nicoloro to evaluate compliance, you can mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance.

Risk Management

Proactively engaging Fontaine & Nicoloro Consultants will help you efficiently manage risk and advance energy infrastructure projects by utilizing and providing you access to our decades of experience and industry contacts.

We are here to assist.

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